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Logo Design Template & Logo Design Tutorials

Logo Design Template & Logo Design Tutorials

Logo Design Template :-

Logos are graphical emblems acquired by every company as a mark of their individuality. This is a unique feature for the company because every company requires a distinct web space which is generally acquired by targeting large amount of customers only with a glance. The quality in a design is sufficient enough to do so.

What is important in a logo is a proper compilation of colors, font and graphical objects which is the task of a designer. The designer is aware about various things which are to be determined well before designing anything. This includes things like what color would match some particular industry or which font looks professional and corporate etc. For an IT based company blue color is used generally because it looks professional and the font is Arial etc. All these things matters a lot while designing a logo for a company or even a logo design template. Logo design template is a ready made illustrated design which is created by taking everything into consideration.

Logo Design Tutorials :-

Logo Design Tutorials are helpful for designers to provide a much better look to their designs. The tutorials are generally based on the use of some design software’s like Photoshop, Illustrator and Coral Draw etc.

Vibe Graphics is a web enable web design and development company providing various online solutions to the clients to help them build their own success. All of the services which are offered by us is website designing, development of the software’s, logo designing, graphic designing, leaflet designing, banner, SEO etc.

Vibegraphics offers you logo design template & best logo design services at affordable and competitive prices. Logos are graphical emblems acquired by every company as a mark of their individuality.

In this HTML website design tutorial I will teach you how to change background and text colours/colors with microsoft notepad. Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.

Simple Web Page Design Tutorial You Can Make Money With

Simple Web Page Design Tutorial You Can Make Money With

There are a lot of small businesses today that are reaching to the Internet for advertising purposes. If you are one of these small businesses or you are just looking to start advertising on the Internet, this brief web page design tutorial will help you get started on the right foot to making money on the Internet. In this web page design tutorial we are going to go over some highlights to making a web page that is not only user friendly but will also get listed in the first position with no money involved for the keyword you are looking for.

Before we even start this web page design tutorial, the first step to this procedure is definitely research. When making a website you have to first understand a few things about why you are doing the web page to begin with. Some questions to ask yourself are, am I looking for an email list, and I looking to sell something, or even am I looking to just get a word out about an upcoming product I will have for sale in the future? Once you have figured this out now you have to fully understand your audience you are making this web site for. Some things to consider about your audience is what is the person thinking, why is he or she reluctant to buy, how can this product improve their life, what are some selling features (apply customer wants), and possibly are there any risks involved?

The next part of our web page design tutorial is to maintain a consistent flow of relevancy. Three topics that I can think of off the top of my head are keyword density, lay out, and flow of a buying cycle. When a potential customer tries to find some thing on the Internet they have to type in a word or sentence in the search query box, this is called a “keyword.” If you would like to be listed under such a keyword suggest you have that keyword in your website, as well it should make up about 5% of your content. This is known as “Keyword Density.” The layout of your website should be smooth and not hopping all over the place. Start the page with the questions answered for your customer as stated in the beginning of this web page design tutorial, then possibly finish with your personal thoughts of your product, or even your customers thoughts, these are called “testimonials.”

The content for your web page design tutorial goes like this to keep it simple. The paragraphs about the product you have should be short. The average attention span of a web surfer is very limited, so shorter is better. These paragraphs should be separated by “headers.” The headers should state what each paragraph is about so your visitor can scan your site quickly for the information they are looking for. Then get to the bottom line which are your “Call To Action Phrases.” Some examples of these are Click Here If…, or Learn How To Get…. to name a few.

The last but most important thing to your web page design tutorial is relevancy. From the beginning keywords to the Call To Action Phrases you have to be relevant to what your audience is looking for or you will lose them. By this I mean if your customer is looking for skate boards then it should be in some form in your keyword, your main title to your website, in your main headers for your paragraphs, and possibly even in your Call To Action Phrases. This is how you get a customer to stay and feel like he or she has found the information they have been looking for, which will make them more inclined to accept your offer.

In this web page design tutorial we went over some main topics to getting a website to be user friendly with a flow of a buying cycle that will lead to a sale almost every time. I hope this web page design tutorial was helpful to you and as well I have many other free tips for you if you would like to click on one of the links below.

If you are looking to write articles online for money and you do not have time to make guess work or the time to do things twice then I recommend you visit my website here.  We have all the tools to get you going in no time and the knowlege to keep your costs at a minimum so your Return On Investment(ROI) is where you would like it HIGH.  I am still a member of Wealthy Affiliate and still learning from the best to increase my earnings if you would like a free starter course then please click on this link here.

This tutorial will demonstrate the main points and tools to help you get started with using InDesign
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Custom Website Design Vs. Template Vs. Build Your own via Software

Custom Website Design Vs. Template Vs. Build Your own via Software

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of three different types of paths you could take to get a website up and running for your business. The first one we are going to look at is Custom Website Designs (Example: Tulsa Website Design)

Custom Website Design is a great way to go if you want the best of the best. You’ll be spending a lot more than the other two ways but it’s going to look and function a lot better. If you choose to go this route, make sure you choose the right design company. Look around at their portfolio and visit the sites they claim they designed. Call up some of those sites if you can and talk to the owner to verify that the design company did indeed create the site. Ask how his / her experience was with the company. If you’re going to spend a lot of money, do your research first. Some company’s claim to do custom web designs but only edit templates or worse. Let’s recap on the pros and cons!


Great looking design and functionality
One of a kind
You will be working with a team of experts
Can basically have the website do anything you wish


Can leave your wallet very light
Can take a month or maybe two to finish
Some company’s lie about being a Custom Website Design firm so do your research

Template buying is a popular was to get your website started also. There are many sites that offer thousands of templates and decent prices like template monster. The average price of a template will run you around . Buying a template is one of the cheapest ways to get your website up and running but there are a few things to keep in mind. Hundreds of people may have bought the same template as you so you might have a lot of websites looking the same. If you don’t know how to edit a template or even upload it to your hosting server properly, you will be paying someone to do it for you.


Cheap way to get a fully functional website
Can have it up and running within hours if you know what you’re doing
Thousands of different templates to choose from


Lots of other people may have bought that same template so you may have hundreds of other websites looking just like yours
If you don’t know how to edit websites or upload them, you will be paying someone to do it for you.

Some websites have software that you can use to build your own website like homestead. They charge you a small monthly fee, usually about a month and you can build your own website and host it through them. In theory this is a good idea but from my experience people don’t stick with it very long. The software is pretty simple once you get use to it, most of it is just drag and drop. If you’re looking for a nice flashy, functional, unique website this is not the place to go. Websites using these types of software are basic with not a whole lot of functionality to them. You just can’t get the perfection that you get with a team of expert website designers and developers.


Cheap price of per month
Can build and edit the website yourself
Easy to drag and drop


Most website using this type of software come out looking “Basic” and “Dull”
Can get annoying with its limited abilities
Most people that use this will end up hiring a designer to build them a website

After looking at these three items, which is the best way to go you ask? Short answer, there isn’t a best way. You will have to take in the pros and cons and figure out what is best for you and your current situation. I hope this helps!

Created by Vivid Custom Websites

I will be showing you how to create a simple web design in photoshop. There may be a second half to the tutorial on how to code this, but I am not sure yet. I say a couple times that this video maybe be in many parts because it is such a long video, but I was able to bring it down to one big part.

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Knowing about the website design

Knowing about the website design

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Generally, website development involves utilization of diverse web page design elements. at the backdrop of globalization, all of the organizations in many cases are at the height of competition, however , even at this height of competition generally there are however certain organizations who seem to have benefited from the their website designing mumbai.


When websites are made in a way they should be, then it’s quite likely that it grows to the expectations of the online visitors. For a website to get popularity it ought to lay stress on aim of the website, the functional aspects, the technical aspects and most importantly the look and feel aspects


Web design is literally time and again thought of as designing the web pages for the purpose of the generation of websites. Web designing is about the designing aspect its just very much on the subject of delivering the much crucial emphasis to the websites online. It’s true that web design will be just simply not pertaining to the design part alone it’s much more than the design part because it includes bringing the technical and functional aspects of the website.


The web designer part is usually just not confined to the designing part alone but it includes many other aspects that have to reflect through the website.


Web design is frankly the process of gathering information pertaining to creating a model design that is really the whether the design perfectly fulfills the requirements. Most often as soon as the information with regards to the exact requirements is simply not effectively conveyed the designers don’t get the much needed key insights that might have otherwise given them the thoughtful insights.


As soon as information is not really accordingly communicated the website design might not get enough focus on the points which are quite really important in engaging the online website visitors. A website is often most likely to engage the going to online website visitors only in the event that the website layout is quite pleasant.


If the website layout fails to entice the visitors then the chances are that the visitors are most likely to back off from the websites.


The very motive of building a website is to provide usability to the visitors, the moment that doesn’t happen there is normally every possibility that the website visitors are most likely to switch to some other sites. If a site has to attract new visitors to it’s site and additionally retain the existing visitors then it has to accomplish everything that makes the site interesting.


Possibly if the website is in fact good in the event that it comes to the technical and in addition functional part, it’s not going to give any factor for the visitors to keep them engaged. Whatsoever plays good and in addition impressive for the eyes is almost certainly for sure going have a good effect thus engaging the online visitors. In any event if the visitor is literally pleased with the technical and even functional aspects then there are chances that the visitors might use the site for pure technical in addition to functional reasons.


Given a point where a website designing mumbai visitor finds one other interesting site which is literally sound in every aspect like the design, technical and even functional things then the visitor is really for sure to go with the website that is normally fitting the expectations.

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<a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’);” href=””>website designing mumubai</a> :Websites are undoubtedly turning out to be far more elemental and crucial towards undertaking regarding business nowadays. The days are gone somewhere a business possessing a most important website appeared to be apparently an awesome accomplishment for any business.

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From John Morris at Learn how to create a basic static page website design template using php, css, and xhtml. Using website templates like the one you’ll learn to make here helps cut down on the rewriting of code and saves you a ton of time. This is a basic template we’ll use to build more advanced website designs and templates.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How Using Proper Graphic Formats is the Secret to Good Website Design

How Using Proper Graphic Formats is the Secret to Good Website Design

How using proper graphic formats is the secret to good website design

There are many different file formats that website design companies can use for site design. However, every specific graphic format has its own function and use and it is a part of good website design to use them judiciously.

Properties that these formats have:

In terms of common properties of these website design graphic formats, there are five main types. These are namely:

-       Compression: This refers to the ability to store an image in a smaller file size. This employs using special algorithms to measure pixels as single items.

-       Transparency: This varies the opaqueness of an image from being totally solid to being totally see-through or transparent.

-       Progressive loading: In this case of website design, a part of the image is loaded first. However, it is not decided on the concept of alternating rows. This allows the picture to get loaded quicker.

-       Interlacing: This is much like progressive loading, except that the odd numbered rows of the image appear first, followed by even numbered rows. Users can see images quickly using this format of website design.

-       Animation: In this case of website design graphical formats, various still images are moved in quick succession to make it seem like they are moving. Most animated GIF images work on all browsers as they do not need plug-ins for them.

File formats available:

There are three main graphic file formats in website design. These are GIF, JPEG and PNG. One of the oldest formats is GIF and it helps loading images quickly. They have only 8 bits of color and have interlacing and transparency incorporated in them. These are the most common forms of graphics in website design and images look good in such formats. JPEGs are compressed files and have a 24 bit color capacity. In situations where you need high quality images in website design, a JPEG format works well. Compression elements of JPEG files can be easily controlled by a website design company. The download speeds for such format files is faster and in cases of complicated drawings, the overall quality is excellent. In PNG graphic formats, there is support for 24 bit color images. Both interlacing and transparency is incorporated in such images. Such images also can have a description alongside, for use in search engines. Compared to JPEG images, PNG images look much better and hence are preferred where high quality images are needed. Plus, it overcomes the restrictions of an 8 bit color image in website design.

Our website design company can provide you with a stunning website for only .99 a month

A fed up website designer negotiates a website with flash and all sorts of internet features with a typically clueless, broke client.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Design Services to a Website Design Company

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Design Services to a Website Design Company

Today, outsourcing website design has taken the internet world by storm. Everyone from small to large-scale organizations is outsourcing their web design requirements to a website design company. Here are some reasons why it works so well.

Cost factor:

One of the biggest factors to make organizations outsource design to a website design company is the cost effectiveness. The cost of designing a website is a fraction of what it would cost in countries like the US or UK. In addition, the quality of the website design company need not be compromised as there are many small sized firms, who are delivering high quality work to clients.

Highly skilled talent pool:

Today, one can avail high quality services from a website design company. Countries such as India and China have many top-notch designers, who are well-versed with the English language. Many of the designers in a website design company have high-level qualifications and many years of experience in designing. Therefore, entrusting them to do a design job means a superior finished product.

Good infrastructure:

Many a website design company today can boast of high-end infrastructure and facilities to conduct its design projects. These firms have access to the latest software and technologies needed to produce stunning website design. You can easily find a good quality website design company, which has excellent facilities, technology, robust infrastructure etc., which can help sustain innovative website design activities.

Risk sharing:

In terms of business principles, it is always a better idea to share risk across multiple sectors. The same concept applies when you outsource design services to a website design company. If you get the design done through only internal staff or one particular firm, there are chances it can backfire. That means all the design and website elements would suffer as a result. In contrast, if you outsource parts of your web design to each different website design company, there are lesser chances of risk.


One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing to a website design company is that your projects have scalability. That means, in future, when there are more peak loads on the website, your design will accommodate it easily. Many a website design company incorporates these tactics to ensure a more robust design.

Thus outsourcing design to a website design company has several advantages. You can find the proper website design company after assessing rates and service portfolios.

Our website design company can provide you with a stunning website for only .99 a month This is the first part of a “Photoshop Website Design” series. You can find the project files and other parts of this series at:
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The Guidelines of Website Design All Website Design Companies Should Know

The Guidelines of Website Design All Website Design Companies Should Know

The  guidelines of website design all website design companies should know

If you plan on hiring any of the popular website design companies in the market today, make sure they know these elements of design. These are the basic rules while designing any site and all website design companies should know about these!

Good content:

While this is an offshoot of design, many website design companies do not emphasize on it enough. There are certain website design companies that do both design as well as content writing. Your best bet in terms of ensuring cost effectiveness would be to hire such companies for getting good content. Good quality content never fails to get a customer’s attention and can help index and rank your pages higher on search engines.

Browser compatibility:

Many website design companies fail to take this aspect into account when designing sites. Your site may look gorgeous but if it cannot be viewed in any other browser other than the standard IE, then you are losing out on a large customer base. Many people have started using other browsers other than Internet Explorer. Hence, all website design companies need to design their sites keeping compatibility with browsers in mind.

Good usage of graphics:

Today, sites with static text no longer appeal to people. This is why website design companies need to use more graphics and high tech photographs on the sites. Also, sites should never have image heavy pages that take over 10 seconds for loading. Users get easily impatient and will quickly surf to some other site before the page loads! Thus, while it is important for website design companies to incorporate stunning graphics, it should not take too long to load.

Themes and colors:

The colors used on a site need to be in harmony with the theme and business of the company. This is one of the most important aspects that all website design companies should know about. Every company has its own brand identity, which needs to be preserved while designing a site. Right from colors used to logo design, all aspects need to be in adherence to the brand essence. Always look for website design companies that preserve your brand image in the design.


Nothing turns off customers more than bad site navigation. Hence, while designing a site, website design companies need to ensure proper navigational elements. The search functionality should be robus and users should find things easily on the site.

Our website design company can provide you with a stunning website for only .99 a month

In this Adobe Photoshop graphics tutorial I will be teaching you how to slice images and use a website menu bar as an example. This tutorial is compatable with Adobe Photoshop CS1, CS2, CS3 & CS4 versions. Difficulty Level: Medium/Intermediate If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.

Tips For Getting More Business From Your Website By Omniserve Website Design

Tips For Getting More Business From Your Website By Omniserve Website Design

The tips for getting more business from your website boil down to:

1. Title tags: Make sure the title tag for your page reflects the target search phrase that you expect searchers looking for your product to type in (for more on how to pick the right target search phrase see

2. Clear and simple navigation: The way that searchers see the route to the information that they are seeking is via the Navigation linkages that your website provides. Make sure that your navigation is clear and contains the main actions that a searcher is likely to want to carry out. Remember you only have approximately 3 seconds before the average searcher bounces back to the search results( )

3. Main Heading (H1): Often the reason searchers bounce off a page is because it takes too long to figure out what the website they have landed on does and whether this is what the searcher needs. Therefore a clear heading saying in 5 or 6 words your Unique Selling Proposition, your USP (what is a USP) and if possible you should include some of the words that appear in your target search phrase to increase keyword density.

4. Testimonials in a Guest Book: One certain way to reduce your bounce rate is to enable your customers to give positive feedback and to feature this in a prominent place on your home page.

5. News and special offers in your Blog: Another way that searchers make their mind up about a website is to see if there are any signs of life in terms of recent news. If it is clear from a blog that features recent content that there are people actively working on the website it is a great confidence inspiring measure. Another advantage of a blog is that it allows you to feature time related special offers (for example 50% off if you book before the end of this month). This can be captured by Google and featured in search results for the product or service that you supply.

6. Motivation Architecture: Think about the person reading the page. If someone stops you in the street to sell you a charity subscription they don’t launch straight into what they want you to do. They start by attempting to establish a rapport with you. In the inanimate medium of the web this is often forgotten. The most motivating word in the English language is “you”, for example “We create solutions for you” or “We will look after you”. Once a degree of intimacy has been achieved then you seek to motivate the searcher to take action using power words in “calls to action” such as “Please call us now” or “Order now and save”.

7. The final item on your home page is your page footer. Include your address here and your target search phrase as both of these will help your appearance in Google.

Omniserve Website Design Company Dublin offers best web design, web design studio Dublin, professional web design, Organic SEO Services Dublin, graphic design portfolio, website design, Advance Web Application & much more.

Omniserve Website Design specialising in Website Design for Small Irish Business and Sole Traders. This is the first part of a “Photoshop Website Design” series. You can find the project files and other parts of this series at:
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Website Design Medway

Website Design Medway

Many companies and individuals across the world will spend a significant amount of time and money trying to create websites that they believe will keep their business one step ahead of their competitors, this is the same with website design medway. It is important that the company that you choose to take on your website design project, use the most modern techniques and ideas to deliver professionally designed websites and brilliant results.

In my experience, those website design companies that perform best are those which work closely with their clients and keep them “in the loop” throughout the website design and website development process.

This strong communications between both parties involved in the creation of a new website, helps to build a confidence and understanding. The website design company knows exactly what they have to deliver and the client knows exactly what they are going to receive. This way there is very little room for errors and everyone is happy.

interflare is a small but advanced website design company based in the Medway area of Kent and they are dedicated to the issues raised in the article above. They offer website design medway, website development medway and search engine optimisation medway. One of the main aims of interflare is to try and build a strong business community with other businesses in the community and they are offering very low web design prices to help smaller businesses in the local area develop their online presence.

There are obviously many other website design companies in medway but in my opinion interflare offer the best value for money.

Website Design Medway | interflare

In this HTML website design tutorial I will teach you how to write and format your very first web page using HTML. Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Uk Web Design Companies

Uk Web Design Companies

If you are looking for improved and advanced designs for the websites Uk Web design Companies is the best option. Content management systems play a vital and an integral part. Generally, UK web design Companies is characterized into two groups. One part of the content management systems is opened and involves free contents which are used in the most of the website design.

It is not essentially that any finest UK web design Companies can only be provided through online basis. Moreover there are many firms or the organizations which work in the field of providing effective content for the respective topics or the blogs. Drupal is one of the most accepted world wide website which provides all types of free contents, from which every one can get his required content. As an open source it is considered to be an effective asset for the professional who are involved in the business of website design. One of such effective measure is Mambo which provides a fasten foundation for UK web design Companies through open search systems. This helps in providing free downloading of the contents by the users.

Generally these days the content developers use such websites to get there content modified and finished through such places. UK web design Companies also includes various Blog design as well which provides different blogs designs to suit more and more needs and want to the owners. In deciding which specific UK web design Companies has to be fit in all the specific needs and want to the web site owners. As some of the web sites provide free contents, it is very important the check the data in sites such as copy space so that the problems of the coped content can be reduced.  

Web site designing and planning is considered to be a vital method of developing a pattern of designs of a web site through the internet. It is very important to use different website designs for a different websites and blogs. As diverse individuals have various demands to designs as per the work there company is involved in. There is a great dissimilarity between the web sites of a professional and a student’s blogs. Every web site proposes is exclusive character and represents personal traits of an individual. These days the role of a professional web designer has reduced to a great extend. As there are a number of already made templates this can be easily used from various web sites.

It is very important for an individual to gain a perfect knowledge about the web designing before doing any thing of him. There are various web sites which provide useful information to the individuals about the blog design.  It is very important thing for the owners of the web site to provide such a information in his blogs which he thinks is most viewed and liked by the people. If a individual is looking for a web sites than the first step he needs to perform is to get a domain name for his web site.

Many web portals do provide many already made templates to the people in whom they can choose a design for there web sites or blogs. The process of blog design not only involves the designing of the blogs but also the content related sections also. For the parts related to the content people can even go for open sourced content which is provided by most of the web sites these days. Another group of UK web design Companies involves which contains all the contents for which the owners of the web sites or the blogs have to pay an amount.

Sam Merchant is a well known website writer who has been writing articles for for many years. He has established a remarkable place in the market with his useful articles for the Uk Website Design industry. To get more information about Uk Web design companies, Web Design Company UK, web development company uk, seo company uk. Further more detail visit my site

We are a UK web design company that provides Internet marketing services for businesses of all sizes. Based in Lancashire we offer leading Internet marketing and web design from the heart of Lancashire. In this video we are going to expose an online scam unethical web design companies are using in the UK.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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