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The Guidelines of Website Design All Website Design Companies Should Know

The Guidelines of Website Design All Website Design Companies Should Know

The  guidelines of website design all website design companies should know

If you plan on hiring any of the popular website design companies in the market today, make sure they know these elements of design. These are the basic rules while designing any site and all website design companies should know about these!

Good content:

While this is an offshoot of design, many website design companies do not emphasize on it enough. There are certain website design companies that do both design as well as content writing. Your best bet in terms of ensuring cost effectiveness would be to hire such companies for getting good content. Good quality content never fails to get a customer’s attention and can help index and rank your pages higher on search engines.

Browser compatibility:

Many website design companies fail to take this aspect into account when designing sites. Your site may look gorgeous but if it cannot be viewed in any other browser other than the standard IE, then you are losing out on a large customer base. Many people have started using other browsers other than Internet Explorer. Hence, all website design companies need to design their sites keeping compatibility with browsers in mind.

Good usage of graphics:

Today, sites with static text no longer appeal to people. This is why website design companies need to use more graphics and high tech photographs on the sites. Also, sites should never have image heavy pages that take over 10 seconds for loading. Users get easily impatient and will quickly surf to some other site before the page loads! Thus, while it is important for website design companies to incorporate stunning graphics, it should not take too long to load.

Themes and colors:

The colors used on a site need to be in harmony with the theme and business of the company. This is one of the most important aspects that all website design companies should know about. Every company has its own brand identity, which needs to be preserved while designing a site. Right from colors used to logo design, all aspects need to be in adherence to the brand essence. Always look for website design companies that preserve your brand image in the design.


Nothing turns off customers more than bad site navigation. Hence, while designing a site, website design companies need to ensure proper navigational elements. The search functionality should be robus and users should find things easily on the site.

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In this Adobe Photoshop graphics tutorial I will be teaching you how to slice images and use a website menu bar as an example. This tutorial is compatable with Adobe Photoshop CS1, CS2, CS3 & CS4 versions. Difficulty Level: Medium/Intermediate If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.

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Quick overview

The following “Build Website Content” Generator asks you for a query: keyword / key phrase, then it automatically starts identifying Websites that are related to that keyword’s topic, and then it starts collecting their most relevant sentences and sentence parts. Now that all relevant information is collected into one database, it is being automatically organized into subgroups based on subtopics such as: ‘Introduction’, ‘Conclusion’ etc. At this point all you have to do is to easily assemble in just few clicks completely new and original article(s) for any purpose.

Important benefits

This solution undoubtedly provides several important advantages:

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Quick summary

The reason that turned it extremely successful is the fact that “Build Website Content” Generator enables on-line business owners to produce that precious WebContent by themselves, at zero costs, and without being dependant on others. It is recommended to check it by yourself so you can not only read about it, but truly experience the various opportunities that it brings. There are plenty other pluses provided by this webmarketing tool simply because it eliminates many technical difficulties involved with this process.

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