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Profit-Building Websites

Profit-Building Websites

Many people start out with a free site hoping that it will morph into an income-generating website. If these efforts fail, they change the way they approach making money online and search out paid web hosting and sophisticated website packages.

A hard-learned truth is that in order to make money, one usually has to invest money. Those who are determined to earn income online usually give in and take the step up to a paid website.

A sad truth is that while many budget-friendly website pkgs. offer attractive-looking pages, these websites often get buried in cyberspace. A high-saturation factor means it has become much harder for a website to rank highly. A low-cost website may seem like a good option but if it is not designed for actual profit-building, you may be no further ahead.

Imagine creating your site, working hard to include good quality content, paying month after month and seeing only a trickle of traffic coming in and few or zero sales? It’s easy to give up in disgust. Paying for a “real” site is not a gaurantee of monthly earnings.

Some people come back at it and invest in AdSense websites believing that because these offer 1000+ pages of content and are set up for AdSense, surely they will fare better with the search engines. What’s the catch?

Predesigned sites often include pages of scraped/duplicate content, which means these sites do not fare well with the search engines. Google’s increasingly stringent content policies are designed to ensure that sites offer both value and relevant content. Sites that offer recycled content generally do not generate tangible income.

Some people try to build niche websites on their own and while this is a step in the right direction, more is involved in creating profit-building websites that become long-term earners.

Profit Building Websites

Attract significant traffic by providing fresh, original content
Incorporate frequently updating features such a RSS feeds
Include income generation functionality via numerous avenues. (no “all your eggs in one basket” scenario)
Offer a design model that helps to convert visitors into paying customers
Are easy to work with and quick to set up

An effective website offers incorporation of numerous income-generating options with built-in features that ensure the site is updated frequently, which keeps search engines happy and translates into more traffic and more sales. Income-building sites offer a platform that can be built on as time goes by.

Given the right tools, a person can optimize and develope an income-generating website. A real business takes real work but the process is made much easier by starting with the right tools.

Recap: properly designed profit-building websites are the key to earning income online.

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Athlyn Green is a freelance writer from B.C. currently living in a 100+ year old Victorian house in Nova Scotia. Athlyn offers tips and tricks about freelance writing at Write and Earn a Living.


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