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Writing a Press Release for UK Designers in Collectives

Writing a Press Release for UK Designers in Collectives

Most undiscovered UK designers experience periods of absolute frustration, as your designs go largely unnoticed by the majority of the design community and you lack the funds to get access to the usual platforms to be seen. It is easy to become despondent, but with a striking design idea, you are usually only a few steps away from starting to make something of your ideas. Essentially you are sitting on a powderkeg, and you just need a little interest to spark it into life.

The one thing aspiring designers tend to attract is other aspiring designers, and you can use your battling network to your advantage. Split between a collective, the usually prohibitive price UK designers face when wanting to exhibit at high-ranking shows can be brought into reach.

Once you’ve picked your fellow UK designers, a show to split costs on and got your designs lined up, you need to let people know you’ll be there. The best way to reach a big audience is through the press, and the easiest way to get there is to get a press release to the right people.

Journalists are often pushed for time, and it is not unusual for an entire press release to be wholly copy and pasted to form a short article. Your press release should be written in a straight-forward fashion, avoiding the use of ‘flowery’ adjectives and intensifiers like ‘very’ and ‘absolutely’. While obviously being favourable to your products and those of the UK designers you are showing with, it should also appear impartial. Writing your press release in the balanced nature (most) journalists are out to achieve increases the chances of your release getting the straight-to-print treatment. It also allows journalists who are going to write at length about you see to the very core of your designs, which will form the basis of their article, without having to fight through your opinions.

Your aim with a press release is essentially to make the easiest job possible for the journalists who will be reading it. It is this fact that makes the angle of your press release such an important factor in its success. By giving a central theme, or hook, to your article it gives the journalist an instant, hopefully logical connection, between the you and the people exhibiting with you: it gives them something to talk about, as well as plenty of content to inform their piece.

Working as a group, it can be difficult to come up with a combined angle, but the angle can be created from any level of detail, with the emphasis on either the designs or the people involved. Viewing other UK designer press releases can provide a good source of press releases which deal with groups of designers exhibiting together. The angle of these releases can vary from design similarities between the majority of (but not necessarily all) pieces to the background (or relative anonymity) of the designers.

Once your angle is established, you need to go about writing the body of your press release. Your angle should be laid out clearly in your press release’s title, and followed up with more detail in the first line of text. From this point you can outline the people and products on display, taking care to clearly link each new piece back to the established angle. It is equally important to ensure that you are presented as a group of UK designers to avoid confusion: you don’t want the journalist thinking there is a lead designer, with other designers working under them. Remember, exhibiting in a group is a benefit: it is a major bonus to journalists who see it as a chance to get the low down on numerous designers in one visit. For this purpose it may be useful to give your collective a name. Name yourself after your studio address, your favourite (collective) film, anything you want – just ensure that throughout the rest of the release your individual company names are strongly linked to your individual products.

A group press release can be just as effective for UK designers as an individual press release, if not more so. Just make sure you can create a feasible angle to grab the journalists’ attention, keep it balanced and fair, and present as a unified group. You are in a great position to get some attention, so let your designs speak for themselves.

Saul Sherry


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